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Walk In Chicken Runs

Made from a high quality, strong galvanised steel and mesh, our chicken runs offer great security for chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats and many more animals. Our steel framed enclosures have full mesh coverage and we offer FREE delivery to England, Wales & Lower Scotland addresses. Our very detailed instruction manual consists of 14 pages of tips, pictures and step by step instructions to assist in easy assembly and, once complete, a run up to 4x4m can be moved around by two adults quite easily.

Which size run do I need?

Everyone has their own thoughts on this and a generally accepted size is 2 square metres per bird, but my usual advice is to mark out an area of ground yourself, then stand back and look at the area to decide yourself how many birds you would put in that space. We can supply our steel poultry runs with spans of 2, 3, 4 or 6 metres and the depth of the chicken house can be almost any size. DIY assembly is required but I have personally written the step-by-step instructions with tips and pictures right through the process. (no special skills needed)

Chicken Runs Walk In 2 Metre Span

Galvanised Steel Frame


At 6ft x 13ft our entry level walk in chicken run is designed to keep your animals safe and comfortable whilst remaining small enough to fit into areas with limited space.

Galvanised Steel Frame


At 6ft x 20ft our 12 square metre chicken run provides an excellent space for poultry to enjoy fresh outdoor air and ensures your chickens will remain where you left them.

Galvanised Steel Frame


At 6ft x 26ft our 16 square meter chicken run is a first rate enclosure constructed to last many years and give you peace of mind with regards to the welfare of your animals.

Chicken Runs Walk In 3 Metre Span

Galvanised Steel Frame


Our 10ft x 13ft high quality chicken run that gives 130 square feet of space to help keep your animals safe from predators, designed with a mesh ground skirt all around the base to deter tunneling intruders

Galvanised Steel Frame


Our 10ft x 20ft chicken runs give a handy 18 square metres of enclosed area, approximately 195 square feet, providing loads of space for your chickens or other small animals to enjoy being outside.

Galvanised Steel Frame


This galvanised steel framed large enclosure spans 10ft x 26ft and provides approximately 260 square feet of safe and secure living area for your birds, dogs, cats, other animals, or even fruit and vegetables.

Chicken Runs Walk In 4 Metre Span

Galvanised Steel Frame


By far our most popular size, the 13ft x 13ft chicken pen is idea for most gardens. Fully galvanised and comes with our strong 20 gauge hexagonal mesh or two optional wire mesh upgrades.

Galvanised Steel Frame


 A 13ft x 20ft, high quality chicken run will prevent chickens, poultry & other pets from wandering off and destroying herbs and vegetable patches, and help keep them safe from danger.

Galvanised Steel Frame


The 13ft x 26ft walk in chicken enclosure is double the area of our 4m x 4m but certainly not double the price. 32sq/m of ground area and 38mm tubular steel construction for those with an expanding flock.

Chicken Runs Walk In 6 Metre Span

Galvanised Steel Frame


Our 20ft x 20ft runs are the widest enclosure we offer, and this one provides 400 square feet of protected outdoor space for large flocks of chickens, ducks, or geese, or small dogs, rabbits, and many other animals. A lot of space for your animals to roam

Galvanised Steel Frame


Add an extra 2m to the depth and you have a huge 6m x 8m galvanised steel chicken run, approx 20ft x 26ft. Full head height (and more) giving 48 sq/m of space, approximately 520 sq/ft. Mesh upgrades for that extra protection if needed.

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